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PLEASE NOTE: The website is moving to a more operable website, our own! Go to and you can follow the updates there. When I am fully done transfering this website to the new one, the tripod account with be deleted or erased, until then both will be up and running. E-mail for more details or questions.

Hello and welcome to The Breakfast Bunch Rattery (tBBR). We are located in Renton Washington, about 20 minutes from Seattle! We have been an established breeder since 2003, taking a few breaks here and there, but never leaving the Rat Community! We are a smaller scale Rattery with at any given time between 30-40 rats and breed about 4-6 litters a year, sometimes more. And all this is because WE LOVE RATS!!!
We have all kinds of rat varietys; Hairless, Tailless, High White/Dalmation, Down Under, Dwarf, Harley, Velveteens and Dumbos. But we mainly focus on Dwarf, Hairless and Dalmation Markings. We can produce MANY colors as in, Agouti, Black, Beige, Fawn, Blue, Platnium, Siamese, sometimes Mink and Mink Based Colors.
In 2006-2007 we will be working towards Dwarf lines, with a few standard litters mixed in. Dwarf lines will consist of, but will not be limited to; Dalmations(possums, blazes, dalmations), Dumbos, Double Velveteens, Down Unders and Hairless in various colors of; Agouti, Black, Beige, Fawn, Siamese, Blue, Mink, with a few others mixed in! Shall be exciting and fun, and we hope everyone will be with us every step of the way!
We are working to constantly improve the health and temperaments of rats, promote them as GREAT pets, and try to some day win a Best IN Show ribbon! We strive for all these things and more, loving our rats every step of the way!
What's New?

Litters for Winter are on their way and will be born Mid-Late January! Check the planned and litters pages for frequent updates!

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