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Vanilla, or Nilla Bean as she is known, had 4 babies on Sunday December 24th very early in the morning. She is being a VERY protective mommy, but I can coax her off the nest long enough to get her on my shoulder and get the babies out. They are all boys, just like the last all dwarf litter born here. There are 2 with red or pink eyes and 2 with dark eyes. One of each is Velveteen as well, and all are Dumbo
Talan is from the first dwarf litter born at tBBR. He is very sweet and kissy. He is very much loved here. Nilla is a fantastic girl herself, very outgoing and sweet. The babies will have those same personalities!
I wanted to name the babies after elves, but unfortunatly there are no known names of "Santa's" elves except from the claymation movie of Rudolph. I did a search for elf names on google and found a computer elf name generator, if you type in your name it gives your elf name. I did one for 4 people close to me, including myself, and we have the computer generated elf litter!

Day 2

Day 2

9 Days Old

Dwarf Rats $30 each
Individual Pictures Below!!


On Day 15

tBBR Batty Mistletoe - named after myself
Pink Eyed White Dumbo Dwarf
*could turn into Himalayan*
Reserved for Chloe Clark


On Day 15

tBBR Jolly Sugar Socks - named after Erik
Black "Double Irish" Dumbo Dwarf
Reserved for Bonnie and Julie Dodds


On Day 15

tBBR Cheerful Sparkley Toes - named after Heidi
Black Velveteen Dumbo Dwarf
 Reserved for Chloe Clark


On Day 15

tBBR Lucky Fluffy Paws - named after Amy
Pink Eyed White Velveteen Dumbo Dwarf
*could turn into Himalayan*
Reserved for Julie and Bonnie Dodds


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