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Cali! Get back here!

Nicknames: Cali, Cali Cal Cal
Description: Beige Mismarked Capped
Carries: Tailless
DOB: July 29th, 2005. Parents are BFF Marty x BFF Charity
Breeder: The Breakfast Bunch Rattery (Born Here)
Temperament: Awesome!
Health: So-So. She was born during an SDA outbreak. He health is good, just sensitive.
Comments: Cali is one of a kind. She is very grabby, but sweet. She tastes everything. She licks it and then tries to pull it with her, including fingers, hands, and hair. She is known for leaving the rat room as she pleases and roaming the hallway. Hence "Cali! Get back here!" And almost as good as her brother Ruffy, she returns to me with a "fine, whatever!" kind of attitude.
Status: Pet Only

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