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Pick a 4 leaf clover, you'll have good luck forever.

Description: Black Berkshire
Carries: Dumbo and Blue. Possible hidden RED and Tailless genes.
DOB: March 8th, 2006
Breeder: Tiva at Sweet Muffins Rattery in Seattle, WA
Temperament: Insanely Awesome!
Health: Great
Comments: Clover is one of the favorite girls at tBBR! She is spunky, out going, hilarious, and very sweet! Shes all that and a bag of potatoe chips! She was an outstanding mother, a regular dairy cow. She may make more babies in the future if the right boy comes along! Otherwise, she is just a fantastic loving pet!
Status: Breeder
Litters: 9 babies born August 9th, 2006. Sired by MLR Frodo.  

MLR Frodo x MUFF Clover

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