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You have not seen a fat rat move until you see "BumbleBee the Blimp" in action!

Nicknames: Fatty, Piggy, Bumbbles, Bee
Description: Agouti Blazed Variberk
Carries: Hairless, Dumbo and RED
DOB: March 18th, 2005
Breeder: Hilloah at Ratz Realm Rattery in Pasadena CA
Temperament: Fabulous!
Health: Great!
Comments: Now, this girl is fat. You know those big fat bumble bees you see flying above the ground because they can't get any higher? Yeah, thats her! She does the "WAVE," like at a baseball stadium, when she walks! Ohh my poor fat Bumble Bee, how I love your fatness! When she trys to escape on me, try being the keyword, shes easily found wedged between something!
Status: Pet, was to be a breeder but became too old for breeding

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