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The Breakfast Bunch Rattery

WWR El Supremo x TMLS Left Eye Lopez

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Ol' McDonald had a farm ei ei o...
And on that farm he had a COW RAT ei ei o...
With a MOO RAT here and a MOO RAT there
Everywhere a MOO RAT!
Ol' McDonald had a farm ei ei o...
(sorry, it had to be done)

Left Eye..."What do you want!?!? I'm not the TV!!!"

Chubby Little Lefty gave birth to 12 screaming pinkies on April 28th, 2005. They have full tummies of course, and very clean! Left Eye is a really good first time mommy, and she is VERY attentive to her new brood. We can not wait to see their markings start to develop, cow babies all around!

Babies First Picture

Look how they are all sleeping. SO CUTE!!!

These Babies have become special to me very fast! I'm loving watching them develop their beautiful markings and fun features. They will all be named after COWS I named at my Grandparent's house over the years. They will be silly, but what can you expect, I was between the ages of 6 and 14 when these cows were named!
The markings I am calling them right now are a mixture of different names of different markings. Its harder to explain their markings otherwise!
Standards: $20
Dumbos: $22

tBBR Harold - Home with Nicole
Split Capped Baldie

tBBR Midge - Keeping
Jester Blazed Capped Velveteen

tBBR Dudley - Reserved for CWR
Jester Blazed Velveteen

tBBR Butters - Reserved for Kathryn
Jester Blazed Capped Velveteen

tBBR Boomarang - Home with Nicole
Baldie Dumbo

tBBR Brownie - Reserved for Kathryn
Baldie Standard

tBBR Blackie - Home with Nicole
Baldie Velveteen

tBBR Cupcake - Reserved for Tiva of MUFF
Masked Possum

tBBR Curly - Reserved for Kerri of FNR
Jester Blazed Velveteen Dumbo

tBBR Sydney - Still Here
Blazed Baldie

tBBR Moe - Home with Lynn of ROUS
Lightning Blazed Baldie Velveteen Dumbo

tBBR Milky Way - Reserved for Jill Watson
Blazed Split Capped Dumbo

Line of Cows!

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