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This page is going to show results of the shows from our rattery, and pictures we took at those shows for others entertainment. Enjoy!


Results from September 30th, 2006 Fall RatsPacNW Show
OFR Tom Thumb - 95%, Best of Variety Dwarf Marked
BFF Marty - Best of Section Tailless
CWR Segovia - Best Of Section Marked Dumbo and Best Matched Pair with Sister Nadia
SITH Kaidence - White Ribbon
OFR Cozumel - White Ribbon
tBBR Cora-Belle - Cutest Kitten Pet Class

Results from March 26th, 2006 RatsPacNW Show
OFR Tom Thumb - Blue Ribbon, Best in Section, Best in Variety and BEST IN SHOW Marked!!!
tBBR Gonzo - 95% Blue Ribbon
OFR Scrunch - 92% Red Ribbon

OFR Tom Thumb with his Ribbons

Results from December 3rd, 2005 Holiday Bazaar and Rat Show
OFR Scrunch - 95%, Reserve Best Of Show Kitten Self!!!!! FINALLY!
OFR Tom Thumb - 93%, Best Of Section Kitten Marked
Both Boys were in our Decorated Cage Contest and got a nice Best Pet Ribbon!

OFR Scrunch with his Ribbons

Results from March 26, 2005 RatsPacNW show
tBBR Esther - 92%, Best of Section for Kitten Velveteen Selfs
tBBR Marshall - 94% - they said his eyes were too small. Which was strange, cause they looked fine to me
tBBR Pilot - an unmentionable 82% - she has an undesirable indent where there should be more vertebre in tailless rats, she was docked 8 points for it!

tBBR Esther with her Best Of Section Ribbon

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