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Christmas Babies! Reserve yours today! Happy Holidays!

All Babies Reserved
All babies are standard hair and ears.
They carry Tailless and Hairless and possibly Mink.
Adoption Fee, Pet Only: $13 each
For Breeding: $16 each
"Half Manx" Boy is $20 for Pet, $25 for Breeding
Babies need to be adopted in same sex pairs, unless there is proof of another rat in your home, or otherwise noted!

After noticing the "agouti babies" turning into "mink babies" I took another look way back into Lucile's Pedigree. There were a few Lilacs, some Cinnamons, a couple Minks and a Cocoa. This means that she either carries the mink gene, or she is actually a Mink Hairless. Also meaning that Garret is a Mink Himi or carries Mink somehow. I will be figuring up a few test breedings to prove my thoughts. Check the "Planned Litters" page to find out more, soon!

BUCKS                                                                    DOES

Reserved For Tiva
Mink little "Half" Manx!
tBBR Pilot
Mink Manx Self - Keeping for Erik
Reserved for Marci

Reserved for OFR
Black Self With White Toes

Reserved for Marci
PEW (turned into Himalayin)

Reserved for Dawn
Pink Eyed White (turned into himalayin)

Reserved for tBBR
Black Self With White Toes

Reserved for Bruce
Pink Eyed White

Reserved for Bruce
Black Self With White Toes

Reserved for Marci
Pink Eyed White (turned into a himalayin)