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The links to some of tBBR's favorite sites, friends web sites, other ratteries we would reccomend or have rats from, and educational pages are all below. If anyone has a link they wish for us to add, please e-mail us at All we ask is if you have a web site as well, to add us onto your own links page!

Ratteries in the NW

Curly Wiskers Rattery - Boise, ID

Rodents of Unusual Sweetness - Seattle, WA

Rattie Rascals Rattery - Port Orchard, WA

Odd Fellows Rattery - Tacoma, WA

SITH Rattery - West Minster, BC

Sweet Muffins Rattery - Seattle, WA

Other Ratteries

Ratz Realm Rattery - Pasadena, CA

Rat Clubs/Organizations


North American Rat Registry - NARR

Rat Health and Care

The Rat Guide - Excellent Source of Information

Rat First Aid

Rats Choking

Sialodacryoadenitis (SDA Virus/Rat Cornona Virus)

Rodent Infections

Rat Bacterial Diseases

Rat Drug Usage Chart

Breeding Your Rats and Genetics

Breeding: What to Expect

Babies, Breeding and Genetics

Baby Rat Development

Other Links for Enjoyment

The Ratster

Little Loveables Rats N Rescue

Trust Training

Cage Calculator

Martins Cages