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Taking Home Your New tBBR Rat

The prices for tBBR Rats vary from litter to litter, depending on their markings, variety, coat type, ear type and sometimes color. All babies are equally cute, sweet and make great pets though! Rats from tBBR are usually 50-100% pedigreed and lines known, unless otherwise stated!
Standard Ears (Any type or color) - $20
Dumbo Ears (Any type or color) - $25
Dwarf Rats (All types) - $30
*NOTE* Price Reductions will only be offered on Standard sized rats when more then one is reserved/adopted, with pet only contracts.

Rats are very social animals, and work best in same sex pairs or groups. We prefer rats to be sold in same sex pairs only, unless you can prove to us with a picture or other means of proof that you infact have existing rats at your home. In general new babies do better when they have a friend to help them adapt and enjoy their new home. They need to be groomed and cuddled with, by other rats and themselves.
For your new rat you will need; a cage, bedding, food, water bottle, and cage decor.
The best home for your new rats is a wire cage, we recomend using martins cages(link is on the favorite links page) or quality cage. Aquariums work great for quarantine, but wire cages provide more ventalation for your rats.
Bedding for the cage should be something other then PINE or CEDAR. Never use PINE or CEDAR as it can and WILL cause upper respitory problems in most if not all rodents. We use a mixture of Aspen wood shavings(non toxic) and Carefresh. I preferably like the Carefresh, as it is soft and fluffy for my rats, as I have several hairless ratlets, and they like to be comfy too! You may also use any kind of recycle pet bedding, like Yesterdays Mews or Crown Animal Bedding, found at most petstores and feed stores.
Cage decor consists of toys, hide boxes, hammocks, tunnels and tubes, litter boxes and whatever your rat wants to play with or hide in!
For food, we make our own. It is made up of rolled wheat, oat, barley, and triticale. Then I add black oil sunflower seeds, regular grey stripped sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, whole roasted peanuts in shell, pasta (Egg Noodle and Variety), bran flakes, rice krispies or puffed rice (usually both), cherrios, puffed wheat, puffed corn, puffed kamut, puffed kashi, nutro brand dog food (some kind of maintenance diet, senior or adult), and dried veggies. They also sometimes (more often then not) get popped popcorn in their mix, which they love!

We love our rats. They love us in return. When a rat is sold, that is what is expected. They will not be sold as feeders, or to be used as "feeder breeders." That is not why we breed our rats. They are bred for extreme pet quality and health basis, and to be loved as one of the family!
You never know when a problem may happen. Keep a good relationship with a vet in your area that treats, is willing to treat or knows about small animals. They too deserve the same treatment a dog or cat would recieve. Always part of the family! And it is always better to be prepaired. An after hours emergency clinic may also be desired.
We hold our babies from day one, atleast once a day. As they grow, their time away from mom increases as they become so used to people they fall asleep in your lap. At 2 weeks, when their eyes are open, they become very wiggly but are handled again atleast once daily. Your babies will be very hand tame, sweet, and hopefully licky!
Ask for any instructions if they are needed, and pedigrees if wanted!
If for any reason you can not keep you new pets after some time, please contact us and we will either take them back or help find them an approved, new loving home.