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The Breakfast Bunch Rattery

Rainbow Bridge and Memorial Page

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Rainbow Bridge and Memorial Page

~A page Dedicated to My Past Friends~

CWR Remington - We LOVE you Remi! You are already missed alot. (1/22/2007)
RRLM Fozzy Bear - Loved by many, and many will miss. (12/28/2006)
tBBR Sir Spotty Scotty - Cortizone stinks! (12/28/2006)
KNR Baker - Im sorry I gave you that medicine for so long. Im sorry. (12/25/2006)
OFR Ellen - Poor bumply lady, I miss you.
tBBR Rosa - Respiratory Distress. (11/22/2006)
SPAR Mr. Smithers - Old Age. I will miss you, you wierdo. (10/7/2006)
tBBR Gonzo - Tumor. Im sorry, We tired, but we lost. I love you. (9/06)
SPAR Ms Ethal Williams - Probable Cancer, Old Age. I love you, you were one of a kind. (9/7/2006)
TROR Minga - Large Deep Tumors. I will miss you my Grandma Rat. (8/31/2006)
BFF Morgan - Heat Stoke (7/24/2006)
TMLS Left Eye Lopez - Possible Abdominal Tumor rupture (6/28/06)
BFF Frances - Believed to be the same thing as Goose. (6/6/2006)
tBBR Goose - On set of Acute Pneumonia(?) then fell out of hammock(?) (6/1/2006)
tBBR Esther - She had a tumor that was basically eating her. I love you Esther-C. (5/31/2006)
Albert of tBBR - Old Age and after Effects of Virus (3/10/2006)
TMLS Taco - After Effects of Virus (12-7-05)
tBBR Pilot - Severe Urinary Tract Infection (Lived at FNR) (7/2005)
BIR Mr. Nakkid - SDA/Trauma (possibly a fight? bleeding from mouth) (8/2005)
TMLS Melvin - SDA (7/2005)
TMLS Barnaby - SDA (7/18/2005)
Valley Girl of tBBR - SDA (7/18/2005)
BFF Banana Chip - Fight Trauma?
TROR Baron - Old Age
TROR Willow - Old Age
Scarlet of tBBR - Chronic Myco
Okaley of tBBR
Kinkley of tBBR
PCR Kaluha
Koda of tBBR
Wishbones of tBBR
OFR Bacon
WWR Hashbrown
CAR Princess No Tail
I have had a very difficult time with this, and thought of not saying anything to anyone. But I could not deal with questions after this. It was too much of a blow and took too much away from me.
The following rats were taken away from me. They passed away as victoms of extreme heat and poor judgement of electrical problems. They were awaiting their new home with me at my new place, nothing was expected to happen. I'll spare details or any thoughts, but it has happened. I feel horrible, and I will always feel horrible. Especially sense they were to come here the next weekend. Please keep us and them in your thoughts and memories.
Kae, Koya, Keeda, Kina, Koco, Karu, Paisley, Moola, Desa, Dafi, Kimmie, Maple
Toasty, Ivan, Ivory, Ivy, Hammie, Eggo Waffles, Pancakes, Highlander, Sasuage
~I loved you all~